Locating System & parameter
EW & Radars
Communication System
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Our Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) teams offer expertise, technical know-how and full spectrum of  solutions and services to address issues in the intelligence, command and control (C2) and reconnaissance areas.
In the defence arena, C4ISR combines all the systems and sensors that allow military commanders to assess their situational awareness, identify mission critical factors, and track their assets.
We can provide support across the entire C4ISR domain:

  • Data fusion, network centric tactical communication and application development specific to actual client requirement.
  • Command and Control Systems
  • Radars & EW Systems
  • Target Acquisition Systems
  • Encryption Systems
  • Identification and Friend & Foe
  • Training & Simulation
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Locating System & parameter

Our expertise spectrums from passive detection, active detection, target locating computers, IR systems, EO sensors and weapon locating systems.

  • Acoustic Gunfire & Sniper Detection
  • Target Locating Systems
  • EO systems
  • Infrared Imaging systems
  • Small Surveillance drones
  • Weapon Locating Radars
  • Sound ranging & acoustic target detection

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EW & Radars

Combining with our capabilities and our partners, we can provide comprehensive solution of several kinds of radar systems, radar-based EW system and communication EW suite.

  • Air Surveillance Radars
  • Ground Surveillance Radars
  • Surface Search Radars
  • Perimeter Search radars
  • Radar Based ESM system
  • Radar Based ECM system
  • Communication EW suite
  • Land based IFF systems
  • ATC Radars
  • Secondary Surveillance Radars
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Communication System

Combining with our capabilities and our partners, we can provide comprehensive solution of complete military and commercial grade communication systems.

  • HF/ VHF/ UHF Radios
  • Line of Site Communication
  • Beyond line of Sight Communication
  • VSAT
  • Vehicle Borne Communication
  • Tactical Data Links
  • Internal Communication Systems
  • Rugged & Field Communication Systems
  • Base & Repeater Stations
  • DMR, TETRA & Handheld Systems
  • Trunked radios
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Combining with our capabilities and our partners, we can provide comprehensive solution of complete perimeter security solutions.

  • Advance CCTV integrated with behavioral analysis, deep learning, AI systems
  • Perimeter Surveillance radars
  • Anti-Drone Detection System
  • IR laser fencing
  • Barrier Gates
  • Under vehicle scanners
  • Sniper Detections Systems
  • Gunfire Detection System
  • Thermal Camera Surveillance
  • Underwater Diver Detection Systems
  • Motion Detection Systems
  • Employee monitoring and location tracking system
  • Fleet racking system
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Spares & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive after sales and integrated logistics support for all our product and services and also provide solution on retaining legacy systems and repair works. Responsive image